The Marbled Swarm

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Your life is not simply language masquerading as more story, but a series of sentences that are aware that you are there, that are not meant to replicate or entertain your experiential senses, but augment them. To adhere space onto old space. The Marbled Swarm finds Cooper raising this distinction to its highest mode of hyper-function to-date: the head is not only measuring your reaction and swallowing it; it means to respond.

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The voice of our narrator is the first and most clear level of the body in which this novel has been housed. This speech is an amalgam; it sounds at once jarring, slick, earnest, puppeted; a wreck on neon wheels.

It seems both arcane and overtly modern, singularly evolved. The Marbled Swarm is a constant phase shift through place, time, and perception.

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  • THE MARBLED SWARM by Dennis Cooper.
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THE MARBLED SWARM by Dennis Cooper

If Dennis Cooper were a United Nations delegate, providing him with a translator would be utterly useless. Maybe he should have been on the debt supercommittee … just saying.

  1. by Dennis Cooper (Harper Perennial; $14.99);
  2. Dennis Cooper: The Marbled Swarm!
  4. Of all the comparisons critics have made between Cooper and William S. As his narrator says, dripping with the best kind of postmodern pretension:. Tucked behind secret passageways, hidden within the walls of his home — as well as the mental crevices lodged within his troubled mind — we find the darkest reaches of cruelty and deception, a hopelessly twisted father-son relationship, and murderous perversion.