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But its datedness is actually an advantage. Much of the book was written at the height of the academic craze for narrative theory in the s.

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That approach to reading fiction was singularly well suited to tales of mystery and detection. He had dark skin and a handsome head of iron-grey hair. As Jameson acknowledges, everything in Chandler depends on tone, and it is this as much as his sometimes clunky plotting that translates to the screen, though not as easily as it may seem.

The dialogue survives, in fact is deliciously heightened, but the film lacks a voiceover, which might have clarified who killed whom and why. Hardly a story goes by without Marlowe rueing the moment he answered the phone and allowed that void to speak.

Topics Essays. Crime fiction reviews. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. It was in this period, during a string of dull, poorly paid odd jobs, that Chandler met his future wife, Cissy, who was at the time married to West Indian pianist Julian Pascal.

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She would eventually leave her husband for Chandler, but they would not marry for over a decade. With World War I underway, the year-old Chandler journeyed north to enlist in the Canadian army in Discharged in , Chandler returned to Los Angeles and unsuccessfully tried his hand at poetry. He eventually took work as an accountant for Dabney Oil Syndicate. Perhaps unbeknownst to Chandler, Cissy was nearly 18 years his senior.

Initially quite respected for his work at Dabney, Chandler began neglecting his work, womanizing and drinking excessively, and was fired in at the age of The shock of being fired forced Chandler to consider his behavior and find a new means of earning a living. With his marriage on the mend, Chandler gave up drinking and turned his attention once again to writing.

Perhaps taking into account the potential to earn money in popular pulp magazines and admiring the work of Dashiell Hammett who had started publishing stories in Black Mask magazine in , Chandler now tried his hand at crime stories.

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Chandler continued to perfect his craft and with each story added depth to his central hero, a private eye variously named Mallory, Dalmas, Carmad and Gage, among others. As a struggling and unprolific writer, Chandler was no longer immune to the economic difficulties of the Depression. Things would soon change, however, when Chandler turned his focus to his first novel, The Big Sleep , published by Alfred A. Knopf in February The novel sold 10, copies in the United States, one sign that paperback novels were rising in popularity. It was at this time, during World War II, that Hollywood looked more at the hardboiled detective genre for material for films.

In Paramount hired Chandler to work on scripts.

The Little Sister

He received an Oscar nomination for the screenplay and continued successful work in the film industry for the next four years. Once his work in films faded, he and Cissy retreated even further into their very private life together.

Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe, the Little Sister

Chandler was a shy, lonely man and had difficulty fitting in with his chosen California environment, in particular with Hollywood. The one abiding relationship Chandler had was with his wife, to whom he was, in his own fashion, strongly devoted.


There he dedicated himself to caring for Cissy, who had grown quite ill from fibrosis of the lungs. Despite medical problems of his own, including shingles and an eczema so severe that he had to wear gloves to type, Chandler continued to write, and published another Marlowe novel, The Little Sister In and Chandler worked on a new book, but the old Philip Marlowe bored him. When his own agents rejected the manuscript, Chandler broke his relationship with them, intent on adding depth to his hero. The Long Goodbye was a landmark. It introduced a flawed Marlowe, lonely and weakened by time, and brought social commentary to the hardboiled genre. When Cissy died in , Chandler grew depressed, resumed drinking and began traveling restlessly between England and L. In he made a feeble attempt at suicide and in he published his last novel, Playback , which is still shrugged off by Chandler readers as better off forgotten.

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