Shaw and Feminisms: On Stage and Off

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Hadfield is lecturer in English at the University of Waterloo. Contributors : Tracy J.

ISBN 13: 9780813062389

Collins Leonard W. Conolly Virginia Costello D. Sample Chapter s : Excerpt Table of Contents. Of Related Interest. Affective Materialities. Modernist Communities across Cultures and Media.

Theater Review: Bedlam’s “Pygmalion” — An Enjoyable Excursion into Shavian Feminism

Modernism and Food Studies. American Literary History and the Turn toward Modernity. At Fault. Ulysses Unbound. Joyce and the Law. James Joyce's Painful Case. Foundational Essays in James Joyce Studies. There are plenty of women that the feminist movement, such as it is, has completely failed.

University Press of Florida: Shaw and Feminisms

If this page were full of women of colour, or trans women, or sex workers, it would make complete sense as a statement. There are some women who perhaps feel as though the feminist movement does not represent them fully because of their conservative beliefs or because they are anti-abortion and feel as though feminism is single-issue focused, or because they have had bad personal experiences, or because they have heard the anti-feminist talking points from vocal often male-oriented groups. But the majority of reasons the women on the page gave, combined with the infiltration of super cool and definitely not women-hating MRA-types throughout the comments on the Facebook group, led me to believe that the site is misguided.

Not only did it get referenced by individuals on Twitter and Facebook, but then websites started to write stories about it. For me, I just felt a bit sad that it existed, and also knew that once people had reached this stage of vocal anti-feminism, attempts at serious discussion and debate would probably have no impact except to potentially reinforce their beliefs.

And so, to make myself feel better, I decided to do what I always do and try to write about it, in a hopefully funny way. But I was so tired, from all the insomnia.

Jordan Peterson: "I'm Not Anti-Feminist" - Q&A

So instead of writing, I decided to start my very first parody Twitter account. By this point I was spending a lot of time on Twitter as I still do to this day , and was familiar with all the machinations, and had a feeling I could create something funny.

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I wanted the account to play off the absurdity of some of the reasons the women claimed not to need feminism. The first tweet was this very dumb joke:.

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The account has since evolved to a point where I try to focus more on why we obviously do need feminism, not simply on attacking the women who identify as anti-feminists. To help address this, I have tried to follow a diverse group of people with different perspectives, and signal boost some of the very important things that other much smarter women say.

Some people in feminism and also comedy who I highly respect have followed the account, and at the moment it has nearly , followers, from all over the world. Thanks misogyny? I guess? A few months later, Affirm Press contacted me about the idea of perhaps doing a little comedy book based on the popularity of the Twitter account, and my own public writing profile of my own. They suggested that perhaps it would work best as a small gift-type book, in which some of the tweets would be illustrated in amusing ways.