Pro SharePoint Solution Development: Combining .NET, SharePoint and Office 2007

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Net C development. As I learn, I hope to share my experiences here. To get started, I recommend the following books, to be followed in the order listed. My copy is heavily abused, I refer to it often. Lots of useful code goodies.

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Makes for a very boring read, but is an excellent reference for SharePoint infrastructure guidelines. Stuart's Tech Punch. Drinking the KoolAid — SharePoint,.

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Net Development, and all things Microsoft. Therefore, we must be continuously improving. The new company is incorporated in the State of New York to work in close proximity with our US clients to provide innovative, low-budget, smart solutions using our offshore delivery centre.

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Aapzin Technologies is a web hosting company is a trustworthy web space provider, offering optimum quality website hosting services to thousand of companies from all around the globe. The idea of splitting a PowerPoint presentation into individual files for each slide, allowing users to edit them simultaneously, and then merging them back is extremely efficient. The customer then usually asks if the same can be done with documents. Well this chapter includes such a solution.

Simply attach a schema to a document in a library and highlight each section. Then choose an action to have the file split into individual section files in a new library. Users can then work on each section independently and merge the results back to the original or new location. The solution in this chapter details how to provide the user with a tool in PowerPoint that enables them to pull SharePoint site content and automatically create slides in their presentation.

In terms of development, you get exposed to creating a wizard process in the task pane, interaction with the ribbon, and details on how to work with SharePoint's web services for getting the data. This chapter takes a different approach to a similar problem to the one in Chapter 9.

Instead of providing the user with a tool, this solution automates the generation of the entire presentation. All from a SharePoint web part.

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This chapter focuses of providing users with a way to easily get emails and their attachments into SharePoint libraries. It features an Outlook add-in, ribbon integration, and shows how to play nice with Outlook's many inspectors. In this chapter, we take a sample application and detail how to register it with the BDC. Of course we don't stop there as other applications should be able to leverage MOSS' knowledge of the application.

Our other system is a Outlook form region that extends the default contacts form. In this chapter, we will show you how the Form Services functionality of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server enables you to take InfoPath designed forms and present them to a user in a browser only interface. We will also tackle strategies for incorporating these forms into the enterprise such as how to connect to data sources, security implications, and how to host the forms in your own application. This chapter show how SharePoint's workflow can be leveraged to add ad-hoc workflow capabilities into a electronic forms processing strategy.

It goes into detail on how to build a custom workflow with Visual Studio and how to leverage custom InfoPath forms to interact with users throughout the workflow process. We should you best practices around error handling, how to invoke web services from within the workflow, and how to make decisions based on user input in the form. This chapter wraps every thing up and provides some thoughts on the direction of solutions like the ones presented in this book. We discuss why these solutions are important and how to determine if they are the right fit for your own application.

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Plus we look to the future and see that even more support for developing on Office is coming. So I have not been posting for quite some time. The major reason is that every moment outside of work.

Introducing Remote Event Receivers in SharePoint 2013

So I just finished coding the solution for my chapter on Excel Services. The more I dig deep in this.

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Hope everyone had a great first week of Just chiming in on where we stand on the book. I just finished writing up the conclusion chapter. Office Business Applications OBAs are an emerging class of business applications connecting line-of-business. Another book update.

Yes I was cornered and forced to be in front of a camera… Not really, I agreed to do it. The OBA Office. We are almost done! So lots of progress to report on.