Leningrad 1941-44: The epic siege

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The portraits of most of these generals were present. I was surprised to see von Leeb's picture was missing. Mr Forczyk devotes 10 pages to Opposing Forces which includes Orders of Battle for the start of and The rest of the chapter was not devoted to the individual listing of divisions that deployed for each side but the coverage of select topics that were very interesting and not usually covered very well in other books. Topics include : the Lodoga Flotilla, the Red Banner Fleet, coastal artillery, artillery bombardment capabilities among other things.

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The battle action begins in this campaign in September with Leeb trying to close the ring around the city. Battles include Krasnogvardeisk, Tikhvin, Kirishi, Uritsk.

Osprey Leningrad 1941-44 - The Epic Siege NM

Coverage of Myasnoy Bor, Lyuban and the Volkhov line is also given. In Aftermath, coverage of the breakout in early is given with the pushing of the German front back to the Panther Line. The author ends the narrative with his Analysis. The German assault of Leningrad was a strategic failure but it tied up nine Soviet Armies for 3 years. The author provides the cost of the campaign and gives low marks to 18th Army and the Luftwaffe for lackluster performance. Other key points are also covered.

At the beginning of the war, Hitler was so determined to flatten the city and kill all of its citizens but when the demands on AGC and AGS increased, the priority on Leningrad slipped. There are six 2-D maps and two 3-D maps and all of them are excellent, especially the 2-D maps. Its customary to have commentary with the 3-D maps but this time, the 2-D maps also received helpful commentary.

It was a nice touch. These maps are good enough to use while reading other books on the campaign. There were several colorful illustrations and many photos to study.

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A good Bibliograhy and Index is provided. I thought this to be an excellent summary and a great place to begin.

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If you want further reading the bibliography provided will help. I highly recommend this book to new students and collectors alike.

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If you would like to read more about this check out the Privacy Policy page. She marshals her details in groupings that are easy to follow, often under chapter headings that belie the severity to come. Her writing style, while rarely concise, does not let flourish get in the way of impact.


Osprey Leningrad 1941-44 - The Epic Siege NM

She relates from a myriad of perches, gazing down on every conceivable sort of victim and brute. These embellishments often thwart her momentum; the grim details can bog. When folks are perishing in frozen droves and excruciating detail, the pace is hard enough to maintain without these stumbles.

As a novelist of principally World War II novels, including a trilogy on the Eastern Front, I have long searched for a tale to tell out of the siege of Leningrad. David M. Stripping away decades of Soviet propaganda, and drawing on newly available diaries and government records, Leningrad also tackles a raft of unanswered questions: Was the size of the death toll as much the fault of Stalin as of Hitler?

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Why didn't the Germans capture the city? Why didn't it collapse into anarchy? What decided who lived and who died?