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Male IDF retirees have historically been provided greater employment opportunities in attractive, high paying industries upon completion of military service. While a transition into politics and finance are common for male veterans, similar employment opportunities are not evenly distributed or made available to women.

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Despite some protest , conscription is still supported by the mainstream population in Israel. On paper, the IDF has one of the most gender-neutral militaries in the world.

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However, while over 92 percent of all IDF jobs are now open to women, just three percent of all enlistees serve in combat roles. Female conscription may be a longstanding tradition in Israel, but as times progress, so must laws. For the most part, conscription laws within other Western militaries have been abolished. However, as the threat to Israeli nationhood shows no sign of abating in the near future, it is unlikely that Israel will abandon its long-standing tradition of conscripted military service.

The Bloody Valley of Tears Battle

Therefore, it must put a strong effort into ensuring true gender neutrality in the IDF. Thank you for your feedback.

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Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. The Israel Defense Forces IDF is generally regarded by military experts as one of the finest armed forces in the world.

Israel Defense Forces | Jewish Women's Archive

Ehud Barak: Early life, military career, and education. Barak was drafted into the Israel Defense Forces in , thus beginning a distinguished military career he changed his name at this time.

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  8. He was a commander in battles in the Six-Day War and the Yom Kippur War but became especially known as the leader of special forces…. When he learned in that Prime Minister Golda Meir had vetoed his appointment as chief of staff, Weizman resigned his commission. Intense military operations were conducted from 6 June until the initial cease fire on 11 June , and during a further period from June , when the IDF cut the Beirut- Damascus Road.

    The majority of IDF casualties, including psychiatric casualties, were sustained during these periods of intense fighting.

    The growth and operational capabilities of the IDF

    Overall, for the IDF in Lebanon during the period of June-December , the ratio of psychiatric casualties to wounded has been cited as Shipler During the Arab-Israeli War, the ratio was higher, probably over Noy, personal communication. It appears that for an equivalent degree of combat stress, indicated by the relative number of wounded, psychiatric casualties in the IDF were lower during the war in Lebanon than during the war.

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