Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics - Vol 2 [D-H]

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MR [V] I. Theory Adv. MR Adams, On the existence of capacitary strong type estimates in , Ark. MR [AH] D.

Dirac delta function

Adams and L. Chang, J. Wilson, and T. MR 87d [Dah] B. Dahlberg, Regularity properties of Riesz potentials, Indiana Univ.

Gerard 't Hooft - publications

MR 80g [DH] A. Hirshman, Multiplier transformations on , Ann. MR [F] C. Fefferman, The uncertainty principle , Bull. MR 85f [Han] K.

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Hansson, Imbedding theorems of Sobolev type in potential theory , Math. MR 81j [Hir] I. Fourier, Grenoble 36 , MR 88b [M1] V.

go to site Maz'ya, Classes of domains and embedding theorems for functional spaces , Dokl. Nauk SSSR, , MR A [M2] V. MR [M3] V. Non-abelian gauge theories and quark confinement.


A Symposium in the Honor of P. Lannutti and P. Williams, A. Quantum gravity: a fundamental problem and some radical ideas. Scalar one loop integrals with M. A property of electric and magnetic flux in non-abelian gauge theories. B Editions du CNRS, Farhi et al. World Scientific, Singapore. Cambridge , Gauge theories of the forces between elementary particles. Scientific American 6 , Reprinted in: Particle Physics in the Cosmos. Readings from Scientific American. Carrigan, Jr. Freeman and Comp. Cheng and Ling-Fong Li.

Mathematical Physics 02 - Carl Bender

Translated into Polish: Postepy Fizyki 34 Confinement and topology in non-abelian gauge theories. Lectures given at the Schladming Winterschool, Febr. The topological mechanism for permanent quark confinement in a non-abelian gauge theory. Physics Scripta 25 On the future of quantum field theory for particle physics. Physics Scripta, Vol. Aspects of quark confinement. Topology of the gauge condition and new confinement phases in non-abelian gauge theories. Some twisted self-dual solutions for the Yang-Mills equations on a hypertorus.

Does quantum chromodynamics imply confinement? How well do we understand quantum chromodynamics? Status report of a theory.

Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society

EPS Int. EPS Proceedings Dias de Deus and J. Niet-perturbatieve methoden in de veldentheorie met J. Smit , FOM-Jaarboek Is asymptotic freedom enough? On the convergence of planar diagram expansion. The confinement phenomenon in quantum field theory. Series B: Physics, vol. Theoretical perspectives. Journal de Physique C3 Borel summability of a four-dimensional field theory. Gauge field theory and permanent quark confinement.

Mignaco and R. Shellard, Rigorous construction of planar diagram field theories in four-dimensional Euclidean Space. Het tijdsbegrip in de fysica. Wat is tijd? Rotterdamse Kunststichting Uitg. Is quantum field theory a theory? Kagaku Jap. Book review on: The very early universe by G. Gibbons, S.

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  • Hawking, and S. Siklos, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Commentarii Vol. II, N. B44 : , , in Current Contents Vol. Three-dimensional Einstein gravity: dynamics of flat space with S. Deser and R. An Ambiguity of the equivalence principle and Hawking's temperature. In: Symmetries in particle physics. Plenum Press, New York Planar Diagram Field Theories. Jaffe, H.

    Lehmann, P. Mitter, I. Singer and R. Plenum Press, NY, London, , Breakdown of unitarity in the dimensional reduction scheme with R. The birth of asymptotic freedom. On the quantum structure of a black hole. Black holes and quantum mechanics. Bardeen and A. The gravitational shock wave of a massless particle with T. The effect of spherical shells of matter on the Schwarzschild black hole with T.

    Quantum gravity and black holes. In: New Perspectives in Quantum. Field Theories. Abad, M.