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Algorithms for computing with matrices and polynomials

Symbolic computing of mathematical expressions A computer algebra system CAS solves, plots, and manipulates mathematical expressions in an analytical form. Solve, Manipulate, and Evaluate Mathematical Expressions MATLAB supports both numeric and symbolic approaches to mathematical modeling , which lets you solve problems using the best approach.

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Improve Accuracy with Exact Math In contrast to numerical computations, which can suffer from floating-point errors, symbolic computations are carried out exactly. What Is Symbolic Math Toolbox?

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Cohen Published DOI: Applying the ideas introduced in Computer Algebra and Symbolic Computation: Elementary Algorithms, this book explores the application of algorithms to such methods as automatic simplification, polynomial decomposition, and polynomial factorization.

This book includes complexity analysis of algorithms and other recent developments.

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Algorithms for Computer Algebra is suitable for use as a textbook for a course on algebraic algorithms at the third-year, fourth-year, or graduate level. Although the mathematical development uses concepts from modern algebra, the book is self-contained in the sense that a one-term undergraduate course introducing students to rings and fields is the only prerequisite assumed. The book also serves well as a supplementary textbook for a traditional modern algebra course, by presenting concrete applications to motivate the understanding of the theory of rings and fields.

As it stands now my only advice is to stay away from this book, because you might be tempted to buy it anyway at least I was.

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