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How to Increase Online Sales: The Complete Checklist

Do you want your site to serve as an extension of your traditional media outlet, like an online catalog as backup for your in-person sales efforts, to stand on its own as a source of revenue or perhaps just another way to get your company's name out there regardless of the income potential? Great content deserves a great-looking website. But a successful website relies on more than good color choices and pretty fonts, and first impressions also count on the Internet. If first-time visitors are bombarded with ads, can't find the content they want or your site's not updated frequently, chances are you're going to lose that visitor forever.

Website design mistakes can cost your site visitors, which also decreases your site's earning potential. If, instead of selling products or services on your site, you sell content such as instructional ebooks or educational courses, deciding whether to offer free content, paid content or a mix of both is a crucial step in your site's plans. Some visitors will turn away from your site the second they see that they have to pay for your content.

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Offering some free content as a teaser for your paid content can help you build an audience and convert those users viewing your stories for free into paying customers who want to read all that you have to offer. You can offer what's known as freemium content, which starts with a free offering that includes a few bells and whistles that the reader can pay for.

2X AdSense Income in 1 Day - PROOF & How To guide

These add-ons usually cost less and don't offer up quite as much information as a full-priced product. While most Internet users are used to getting the content they want to read at no charge, a recent report shows more people are opening up their minds and their wallets to sites with paywalls as long as the content is solid.

Still, you should weigh all three options carefully to avoid shocking your readers with a big change to your site down the road. The most beautiful, well-designed website won't bring in any money if you're the only one who's clicking through the pages. Becoming the number one resource readers turn to online takes time, lots of solid content and a long-term plan. Key elements you can start using on your website right now, such as targeted keywords added into your site's articles, product titles, product descriptions and text links, can increase your website's traffic and get you well on your way.

Site owners often focus on boosting the number of their unique visitors but don't focus on keeping them clicking once they arrive. A successful website doesn't just land that unique visitor hit, the content motivates the user to click deeper and deeper into the site. Make your site sticky, or make those visitors stick around, by having great product offerings and enhancing your content. Use more appealing photographs, add polls or questionnaires, add a blog with a base of useful articles on subjects relevant to your website's customers, and other items that will maximize clicks and build loyal site visitors at the same time.

There are billions of websites out there competing for clicks. Landing in the top position on page one of the major search engines is impossible without search engine optimization.

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Print and broadcast outlets use a completely different approach to target their audiences. Online, though, content doesn't get read if it's not properly optimized for search. When websites first started popping up on the Internet, many webmasters relied on banner ads to support their websites. Then pop-ups, pop-unders, page peels and flashing banners became overused, and started overloading Internet users.

Over the years, new ways of making money with your site have emerged without bombarding your site's visitors with annoying ads. Explore other options to generate website revenue besides the classic banner ads, such as selling other peoples' products and earning money as an affiliate seller.

How to Build a Niche Website: An 11 Step Guide to $3,+ Per Month

You may not need to be on as many social media platforms as you think. Why do they use the social media platforms that they do use - business or pleasure? What sort of content do they tend to consume and share? Each social media site that you use is a brand embassy , and should represent your home country i.

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Just like with your main website, use keywords to get your social media profile found via search. Search engines crawl most social media networks. And always include a link back to your site to make it easier for visitors to find out more about you. Keep in mind, however, that your social media presence is only as good as your engagement and your content. Post pictures, videos, ebooks, blog posts, contests and questions.

Have you ever seen a Twitter post with hashtags that has been posted to LinkedIn? Or perhaps a tweet that was cut off because it was autoposted from Facebook? It demonstrates laziness, a deaf ear for social media and customers?

Here are examples of the types of customization you should do for some of the major social media networks. Twitter - Think of Twitter as a living, breathing conversation. Keep your tweets short, engaging and easily shareable. While you get characters, your posts should be less than characters. Use hashtags to connect with an audience or tap in to relevant trends. And as with so much of social media, make it visual. Facebook - This is where you can show more personality than just about any other social media network. From a frame of mind, visitors to Facebook generally want to have fun and be entertained.

How Blogging Boosts the Profitability of Your Ecommerce Website (and 8 Ways to Get Started)

This is not the place for serious content. Use as many visuals as possible but make sure they are properly sized for Facebook. LinkedIn - Looking to find and share serious content? If you think about the body language of someone on Facebook, envision someone leaning back in their chair. For LinkedIn, they are leaning forward, searching and ready to learn. You can post content to your company page and to relevant LinkedIn groups. Again, keep the context and the cocktail party rule in mind. And while it may not have the engagement levels of other networks, it can help with getting your content found through search engines like no other social media platform. That which can be measured can be improved!

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  5. More important than the number of social media followers you are gaining is their level of engagement :. The number one reason for failure in sales is the failure to prospect.