Bad Boys - AFL, Rugby League, Rugby Union and Soccer

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And it is to Victoria we now turn. Public domain image. I n , an attempt was made to start a convict settlement near modern day Melbourne. It was not a success. Some of the convicts, including one William Buckley, escaped. The settlement was moved to Tasmania instead. When the first permanent European settlers arrived back in the Melbourne area in , they were met by a large group of Indigenous Australians.

In the group was a shaggy-haired white man.

It was none other than William Buckley, a man who no-one had given a chance to still be alive after 32 years. The first account of a football match I came across was advertised in the Melbourne Daily News on 29 March, In November , Melbournians were in party mode. The occasion was the passing of a bill in British Parliament creating the new colony of Victoria, which until that stage had been part of New South Wales.

Four days were given over to Separation celebrations. A gymnastics day was held on the last day of festivities. The last event of the day was a a-side game of foot-ball, won easily by a team led by a Mr Barry. The discovery of gold near Ballarat and Bendigo triggered a gold rush that increased the population of Victoria from 80, to , in just ten years. After the easily won alluvial gold began to run out, many of the new arrivals drifted back to Melbourne. In , an event in the world of literature had a far-reaching impact on the popularity of football.

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The book, about a boy from the prestigious Rugby School in England, was a best-seller throughout the English-speaking world. With depictions of football as played at Rugby School, and its emphasis on manly, physical sports, it would have struck a chord with young men across Australia, including Melbourne, bursting at the seams with young men back from the goldfields. No doubt Tom Wills from Melbourne would have read it. Wills, a football enthusiast and a more than handy cricketer, had attended Rugby School as a youngster.

He even gave the cricketers a choice. I remain, yours truly, T. But the cricketers chose footballs over rifles and preparations were made for the playing of some games, the first of which was a series of three matches between the students of Melbourne Grammar and Scotch College.


They were played in the Richmond Paddock, with Tom Wills one of the referees. The next year, , the Melbourne Football Club became the first football club to be formed in Australia and a set of rules was drawn up. Tom Wills was instrumental in all these early developments. The new sport of Australian football had been born, and the rest, as they say, is history. The excitement created by football in Victoria spread to other parts of Australia. The first rules of association football, or soccer, were published in Also in , the Australian Cricket Club formed a football team and the two sides began playing games in Hyde Park.

These are regarded as being the first club rugby matches played in Australia. This was the first newspaper mention of University playing the game. And this is where things get murky. On the badge of a Sydney University jersey, it says , yet contemporary articles clearly state that the Sydney Football Club of was the first football club in Sydney. Perhaps no-one will ever know the true story. In the following year, the Sydney Football Club announced they were going to play under Victorian rules.

They played matches against the Australian Club, which often ended acrimoniously. University was the sole torchbearer for rugby until , when Wallaroo, a club with a strong rugby ethos, was formed. In , the Australian Cricket Club formed a football team and the two sides began playing games in Hyde Park. And it was a desire to see an intercolonial football contest that nearly tipped the balance against rugby. Redfern Oval, just a long punt kick from the city of Sydney proper, is synonymous with the sport of rugby league. But years ago, the place went by a different name: the Albert Ground.

The first match, on 23 June , was a game of rugby featuring the Waratah club from Sydney. Nothing unusual about that.

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Their opponent, however, was the Carlton Football Club from Melbourne. The following week the two teams met under the rules of Victorian football. Not surprisingly, Waratah won the rugby match and Carlton won the Victorian rules match. For a state so historically strong in the rugby codes, it comes as a surprise that Queensland was originally an Australian football state.

The Brisbane Football Club was founded in using the Victorian rules that were widely published at the time. The dominance of Australian football was first challenged in when the Rangers club was established under rugby rules.


Bad Boys - AFL, Rugby League, Rugby Union and Soccer

Adding to the confusion, in the same year, the Petrie Terrace Football Club was formed under association football rules — making it probably the earliest association football club in Australia. Petrie Terrace FC proved short-lived, though. He may be one of the most polarising player in AFL, but in her eyes, the critics have got it very wrong. Exclusive column From sitting in a Perth pub to strutting the Brownlow red carpet 48 hours later.

Michael Barlow recounts the hilarious series of events in that saw him on the arm of the eventual winner, Nat Fyfe. It started with Nadia Bartel, then it became a fully-fledged trend. These were the most daring of the Brownlow red carpet. Phil Davis had to fight back tears before walking into a room to tell his Crows teammates he was leaving in to join GWS. He admitted money was a factor but eight years later he is also a step closer to fulfilling another prophecy behind his decision.

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Stats Analysis Australia retained the Ashes, largely because of a batting genius and outstanding bowling from two key men. But there were plenty of other things the team learned along the way. Fast starters The score was after 18 minutes. Yes, you are reading correctly! The next 72 minutes might have been a little tame - goalwise anyway - but it emphasised that Manchester City are back in business.

Disturbing stat Just three weeks before the start of the new A-League season, almost a sixth of all the footballers who played in the A-League last season are without a professional deal. But the German import says recruits can help the Reds take the next step. After taking all before them last season, English clubs began the new Champions League campaign in less-than impressive fashion as both holders Liverpool and Chelsea crash to unexpected defeats.

Viral Nicholas Hough has known Michelle Jenneke most of his life. And they have more in common than just starting their careers at the same Little Athletics club.

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They have viral videos. Old Olympic teammates Tom Slingsby and Nathan Outteridge go back a long way but their latest battle has been the most intense. Big win Olympic sailor Jason Waterhouse and former ironman Ky Hurst have claimed a slice of sailing history - and a massive payday - in France.

But will it change their relationship off the water? Standing up That one of best and brightest should have to endure this kind of abuse is shameful — but social media racist trolls have met their match in Sydney Roosters superstar Latrell Mitchell. With calls for Will Genia to be reinstated as starting halfback growing louder after his brilliant cameo against Fiji, ex-Wallaby Rod Kafer insists the veteran is more effective from the bench.

Here are some horses to consider for your SuperCoach Racing stable.

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The results are in, and lessons have been learned. See the replay of the full match here.

The declining state of the A-League

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Bad Boys - AFL, Rugby League, Rugby Union and Soccer

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